Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Habitat home cost?
The house payment (principal, taxes, and insurance) for a three-bedroom house is typically $350-$450 per month. Loans are usually for 25 years, and always with 0% interest. Depending on where the home is located, in addition to the monthly mortgage payment, there are closing costs of approximately $1,800, payable at closing.

How long does it take until I can move in?
Once approved, most homebuyers move into their homes within two years.

What is sweat equity?
Sweat equity is time invested into your partnership with Habitat. Hours can be earned on the job site, working during Habitat activities such as fundraisers, or while studying the necessary skills required of a homeowner. It is required of ALL homebuyers who purchase a Habitat home. Homebuyers are required to perform 250 hours for a one adult household, and 100 additional hours for every other adult that will be living in the home.

Do I qualify?
Click here.

How do I apply?
Once you submit the Let's Get Acquainted information, your name will be added to our contact list and you will be notified when we are able to begin a new building cycle and select a new Partner Family." You will submit your “Full Application” at an orientation. The Family Selection Committee, a team of trained volunteers, will examine your application in-depth for your ability to pay a mortgage. Application screening may include examination of your finances, verification of timely rent payments, background checks, and a home visit at your residence. Your application screener will present your information at a regular Habitat board meeting on your behalf, where a vote will be taken for approval or denial. Names of applicant families are kept confidential. Selected Partner Families are identified and celebrated publicly. Have more questions? Call the Spencer County Habitat office at 502.477.2263 and leave a message or email familyselection@spencercountyhfh.com.